Booking information

Please read the photography information:

•Photography services are available from Monday to Friday between 16:00 and 20:00, and Saturday and Sunday between 09:00 and 17:00.

•When booking a photography service, we guarantee fully equipped gear for taking stunning photos, which you will receive in .raw format and in edited format (you also get full ownership over photos).

•If the client doesn't have a location for the photo session, AV Studio can provide one, in which case the client accepts a possible property charge by the location owner.

•Client pictures are stored on our servers for a year (no extra cost).




Please read the Post-production information:

•The client must provide audio and video footage in .raw and edited format, if necessary, other distribution materials.

•Be aware that we cannot guarantee amazing sound if sound in raw format is inaudible, unpleasant, low volume, etc.

•We can save client materials on our storage server for up to a year for an extra cost, which is paid up front.




Please read the Web Development information:

•Considering the large amount of work in photography and post-production, creating a website can take up to a month.

•Before we begin developing a website, we invite clients to participate in a virtual meeting to discuss the specifics.

•The domain name (if available), Google Analytics, FTP file sharing, website upkeep, and secure socket layer for the website will all be provided to the client.

•We can produce a logo for the client's website or set up a meeting with our partner design firm if one is required.

•If the client desires an eCommerce website, we need a contract with a bank (any bank) whose API we will construct inside the website. We only currently accept VISA and Paypal as payment methods on our eCommerce website.


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